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Why Intentional RIG?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Why do I call my site Intentional RIG? I had the privilege of being raised with the idea of living with intention. It has shaped the way I see my world, including my profession.

I have had the honor of speaking for a variety of organizations. I see a lot of RIG professionals talking about the latest tools and talking about process improvement. What I can tell you is that you can have the greatest tools money can buy. Your processes can be perfect. But it won’t make any difference if your colleagues aren’t able to understand the processes and tools, and use them at the appropriate times. We all know the frustration of coworkers who cannot properly utilize the tools and the processes that we have spent tons of money, and a lot of time, to perfect.

“Nothing is foolproof because fools are so ingenious.”

This is one of the truest quotes and one of my favorites. It explains why we need to be having greater intentional impact. I test a lot of my ideas against this saying. You can replace the word foolproof with people proof to be more PC and it is the same thing. Why do we need to change our approach to leadership in our profession? Because coworkers are very creative in avoiding compliance tasks. We need to be very creative in empowering our teams to comply. We need to intentionally make RIG easier to access, easier to incorporate and easier to track.

This is what will allow you to have true intentional impact.

· Intentionally investing not only your knowledge, but your enthusiasm, your encouragement and your passion in those you are trying to engage in your RIG program

· It means intentionally choosing to create a strategy based on your organization’s culture – not what everybody else is doing

· It means designing your program and communicating your vision to allow your organization to more easily comply

· Intentionally demonstrating leadership and also showing a return on your leadership’s belief in you.

· Intentionally providing mentorship to those you are hoping will be your organizations RIG “heroes”

· This is the impact that will move others – to further awareness, action and accountability. And move your organization into a greater compliance with your Records and Information Governance program.

This is why I created this site. To help others in my profession. To give resources and information that will help you define your passion, design better programs and processes, and create strategy. It is my desire to help others impact their organizations, but primarily it was created to help individuals through leadership development, education and certification training.

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