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Free Downloads of RIG Resources - This is a site for free downloads of RIG and other resources.

General Information Resources (
The Knowledge Center from Iron Mountain offers several white papers that are helpful.

Society of American Archivists Dictionary This free dictionary is an additional resource to the texts that are recommended by the ICRM Exam.  

Business Impact Analysis |

This is a US Government site that gives a very concise explanation of a Business Impact Analysis and a worksheet.

Resources for RIM

Retention Schedules

Code of Federal Regulations
The CFR is essential when determining legal obligations for your retention schedule.

Texas State Records Retention Schedule - 5th Edition | TSLAC

This site has a comprehensive retention schedule that includes definitions, explanations of various parts of the retention schedule, and nuances that make your retention schedule accessible and defensible.

General Information Resources


Records Inventory Form
Business Systems Assessment
Sample Data Map

Moving Your

Organization Toward Compliance

If you have resources that might be helpful, please feel free to contact the site. Resources must be available to the public at no cost.

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